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The vision for Officers' Square

A rain-protected performance stage, more grass in the great lawn, expanded entrances and a play area for children are just some of the features visitors to Fredericton’s great gathering place can look forward when the revitalized Officers’ Square is complete.

Work on revitalizing Officers’ Square will begin soon. The multi-phase, multi-year project will protect the large, mature trees we love and create a great open green space.

There will be four-season recreational capacity, along with the ability to celebrate with cultural programs, community celebrations and festivals our community has come to enjoy in the heart of our vibrant downtown. The work will also ensure winter skating continues to be offered despite a warming climate. It aims to create the best community-scale festival space in Atlantic Canada.

The vision is to maintain the historic character of Officers’ Square, while welcoming local residents and visitors, young and old. As more people choose to live and play downtown, green spaces become even more important.

Officers’ Square will be enjoyed year-round. After revitalization work on the Square is complete, users will see:

  • a restoration and slight enlargement of the Square’s central grassed space, the Great Lawn.
  • a replacing of the existing fence with the same 19th-century ornamental style fence.
  • a chilled skating track set under the (square) walkways of the space.
  • a new rain-protected performance stage for festivals and performances.
  • an intimate small stage for noon-time performances, buskers and other entertainers.
  •  a small locally-oriented food & beverage service area.
  • a children’s playground and a small at-grade splash area with water jet features.
  • a wall with expanded entrances designed according to current public safety requirements.

Doesn’t it sound great?  

Officers’ Square it is an important part of our heritage and has undergone many changes over its lifetime as its use has changed. The revitalization of the Square is the result of extensive public engagement and will respect heritage while refreshing a great public gathering space based on the needs of residents, visitors and future generations.