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2020 Traffic Safety Strategy Launched

Today at the Public Safety and Environment Committee meeting, Deputy Chief Martin Gaudet from the Fredericton Police Force launched the Force’s plan for traffic safety in 2020.

The presentation reviewed key statistics from 2019, including the top five signalized intersections that had the most collisions last year. Hanwell and Prospect was the number one, followed by Smythe and Prospect, Regent at Arnold Drive and Knowledge Park, Regent and Priestman and Ring Road at Brookside. These intersections will be enforcement priorities for police in 2020 in an effort to reduce collisions, as well a number of other intersections that saw severe collisions, or collisions were frequently caused by the same traffic violation, for example running a red light.

In addition to Running Red Lights and Intersections, there are four other Key Focus Areas for traffic safety this coming year. They are:  Distracted Driving, Impaired Driving, Speeding, and Seatbelts. The Fredericton Police Force, along with Engineering & Operations will be using education,enforcement and engineering solutions, among other strategies to encourage motorists to adopt safe driving practices. Cycling and pedestrian safety will also be integrated into the plan.

“Today’s presentation was meant to provide the councillors, and the public, a first look at what the force is planning to tackle when it comes to traffic safety this year,” said Deputy Gaudet. “This is a continuation of the ongoing partnership with Engineering and Operations to reduce collisions and injuries from collisions on our streets and in our intersections.”

Further information about monthly traffic safety messages and updates to the strategy will be presented at upcoming Public Safety and Environment and Transportation Committee meetings.

“Traffic safety is everyone’s responsibility,” said committee chair Councillor Stephen Chase. “While the messages stay pretty consistent year-to-year, it’s exciting to see what new initiatives are in place to enhance driver, pedestrian and cyclist safety in 2020.”

Information about traffic safety can be found on the Fredericton Police Force Facebook Page.

Traffic Safety (PDF)