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Committed to serving our communities with respect 

This is a coordinated message on behalf of New Brunswick law enforcement agencies. 

To the people of New Brunswick, 

There is a lot of attention right now on interactions between minority groups and law enforcement. These are important conversations. 

Policing is about people. The relationships we have with our communities are what allows us to do our work, and to do it well. In our daily dealings with the public, in working together with our law enforcement partners and community stakeholders, we promote acceptance, respect and appreciation of diverse experiences. We must do all we can to continually improve those relationships. 

As police officers, we respect and protect people’s right to demonstrate peacefully. Police will be present at many large gatherings across the province, and will continue to take a measured approach to ensure demonstrators know their rights and to ensure the safety of all. 

We are grateful for the trust New Brunswickers place in their law enforcement officers and agencies, and we are committed to maintaining and growing that trust. 

These are challenging times, but within the difficulties lie opportunities to learn, to improve and to strengthen connections and common experiences. We will continue to work with you. Together, we are stronger.

The Fredericton Police Force