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Map of impaired charges by location for January 2023

Fredericton Police charge 18 with impaired driving in January

The Fredericton Police have charged 18 individuals with impaired driving in January.  Of these, 14 were charged with impaired operation of a vehicle, three for refusal (alcohol) and one refusal related to drugs. In 2022, there were 210 charges in total.

Police would like to remind people of what to do if you observe a potential impaired driver:

  • Call 911 (If you are driving, pull over first if you can safely do so)
  • State your location
  • Vehicle description
    • License plate number of vehicle
    • Colour of vehicle
    • Make and model of vehicle
  • Direction of travel for the vehicle
  • Description of driver

Fredericton Police continue to work with community partners to raise awareness and educate the public on the dangers of driving impaired.  With continued focus on curbing impaired driving, we hope to discourage impaired drivers on our roads and keep our communities safe.

Impaired driving is a leading criminal cause of death in Canada and is still one of the top five causes of motor vehicle collisions.


Media Contact:

Sonya Gilks

Public Information Officer

Fredericton Police Force