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Keep the noise down!

Like many other cities across the country, we continually receive complaints from the public about excessive vehicle noise causing a disturbance in our community.

Over the past several years, attempts have been made to draft a new bylaw to address the ongoing issue with no resolve. After a review of the current New Brunswick Motor Vehicle Act and City by-laws, there are existing provisions already in place for enforcement.

Loud vehicle noise complaints are often attributed to modifications to the exhaust systems or mufflers. These modifications are often illegal, and do not contribute to increased safety of the vehicle or the occupants.

Under City of Fredericton By-Law No. S-13, A By-Law Respecting Disturbance by Noise, Section 1.02 reads:

“[…] a noise likely to cause a public disturbance or otherwise disturb the inhabitants of the City of Fredericton, shall be deemed to be any noise or sounds of such volume or of such nature as to cause annoyance to residents of the City including shouting, singing, whistling, music, motor vehicles (including motorcycles and motor bikes), snowmobiles, pneumatic hammers, vehicles of business and trade, construction equipment and machinery and animal noises.”

Violations under this by-law could result in a fine of $250.00.

Section 235(1) of the New Brunswick Motor Vehicle Act also states that all motor vehicles be “equipped with a muffler and exhaust pipe or pipes in good working order and in constant operation so as to prevent excessive or unusual noise…”

Failure to comply could result in an immediate inspection and compliance order, and/or a fine of $172.50.

We all want to live in a City that provides a clean, safe and pleasant environment. That includes ensuring that excessive noise – including from motor vehicles – doesn’t become a nuisance to those around us.