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March is National Social Work Month in Canada

March is National Social Work Month in Canada, and this year’s theme is Social Work is Essential.

For almost 40 years, the Fredericton Police Force has employed social workers to offer essential support as it relates to policing our community. And we are proud to say, that since last year, we have four full-time social workers embedded within the daily operations of the department, as part of Integrated Community Services (ICS - HUB) within the Patrols division.

Since 1983, the FPF Victim Witness Program has provided emotional support and assistance to victims and witnesses of crime or other traumatic events, through crisis intervention, short term counselling, court preparation or referral to other services. There are now two full-time social workers dedicated to supporting victims and witnesses from their first police interaction to the end of the court process. Files are getting increasingly complex, and the support that Shelley and Sam, and their team of volunteers provide is invaluable; in fact, they were involved with 20% of all FPF files in 2020.

Our Mental Health Coordinator, Monique, works with the entire HUB team to support the mental health of our clients. She works with community services to link those that come into contact with police due to mental health crises with the outreach programs to assist with relevant programs or treatment. The essential role of convening experts to provide wrap-around support to those in crisis has proven invaluable.

Julie is our Youth Services Coordinator. Her role provides a critical link between youth, families, police members, and other community agencies with a focus on safety, crime reduction and intervention.  She provides support and advocates for youth that, due to a variety of factors, are coming into contact with police and/or the justice system.  Julie plays an important role in young persons accessing youth diversion programs such as extra-judicial measures and extra-judicial sanctions.