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Stolen vehicles, catalytic converter thefts for 2022

Vehicle and catalytic convert theft files continued to rise in Fredericton, as police release their statistics for these occurrences for 2022.  

In 2022, they reported 224 stolen vehicle files and 123 in 2021. In most cases, these were crimes of opportunity as vehicles were left unlocked. To date in 2023, police are so far investigating 17 stolen vehicle files.

A few tips to deter vehicle theft:

  • Don't leave a keyless entry fob in a vehicle or unprotected at the front entrance of your home. Thieves can use wireless transmitters to intercept the signal, giving them access to the vehicle. Consider storing fobs in a protective box or bag that blocks the signal.
  • Never leave a vehicle running when unattended.
  • Lock the doors and close all windows when parked.
  • Make sure to park in well-lit areas or in the garage.
  • Use a visible or audible device that shows thieves a vehicle is protected.
  • Consider using a deterrent like a steering wheel or brake pedal lock.
  • Don't leave personal information, like insurance and ownership documents, in the glove box when parked.

The theft of catalytic converters has increased significantly across Canada, and Fredericton is no exception as the stats reveal. To date in 2023, 17 catalytic converters have been reported stolen. In 2022, there were a total of 203 files, compared to 123 in 2021.   Most of the thefts occurred in commercial /corporate places and parking lots, with a small percentage at residences. and are Sought after for their valuable material content, catalytic converters are easily accessible which can attribute to the increase in the number of them being stolen.

A few tips to prevent their theft:

  • Stick to parking in busy well-lit areas of any parking lot.
  • Engrave your VIN or license plate number into the converter to make it traceable.
  • Install a sensitive alarm on your vehicle.