Things to Know about the East End Garage

  1. There are entrances/exits on both Queen and King Streets.

  2. The garage is one-way only and travel lanes are wide enough to accommodate one car width only.

  3. Travel direction is counter-clockwise at all times, exactly the opposite of normal travel. This will take some getting used to.

  4. Drive on the left-hand side of the ramp when you go up or down to the other levels of the garage.

  5. If you see a sign that reads “wrong way,” stop and turn around.

  6. Do not take a “shortcut” and go the wrong way - you are certain to encounter a vehicle going the right way and you could cause an accident.

  7. Some spaces are best backed into. If you can, please do.

  8. If you pay by the day, check the rates, as they go down with number of hours purchased.

  9. The best discount is the monthly permit.

  10. There are 7 pay stations in this complex:

    • 3 on Level 1 (King St. wall, Queen St. entrance, by the Customer Service office)

    • 1 on Level 0 (by the main vestibule stairs)

    • 1 under the Convention Centre (by the elevator)

    • 1 by the Camperdown entrance to the Convention Centre – outside the garage’s main vestibule

    • 1 inside the Convention Centre on the way to the Playhouse All machines are interconnected so you can pay or top up using any one of these machines.

  11. Monthly permit parking is allowed on Levels 0(spaces 2001-2134), 3, 4, 5 and Level 6 (spaces 2254 – 2529). Please note: there is no overnight parking on the rooftop - Level 6.

  12. This garage will be busy throughout the day with traffic and people walking to and from their vehicles. DRIVE SLOWLY!