Fredericton / Police force

About the Fredericton Police Force

The Fredericton Police Force is a municipal police agency in the Provincial capital of Fredericton, New Brunswick.  

Responsible for the daily safety and security of residents and visitors, the department has an approved complement of 136 employees – 109 officers and 27 civilians. 

The Chief of Police oversees daily operations and manages the budget and resources as prescribed by the Civic Authority.

In Fredericton, the role of Civic Authority, belongs to the Mayor and City Council, by way of the Chief Administrative Officer. Their responsibility is to provide priorities and objectives to the Police Chief and ensure the Chief carries out their duties during their prescribed term.  

The Fredericton Police Force has three distinct divisions – Patrols, Criminal Investigations and Support Services. Each division is dedicated to their own goals and workplans, all while serving the department’s mission to service and protect.

Executive Office staff include the Chief of Police and Deputy Chief, executive administration, Professional Standards, Public Information Office, Research and Planning, and the Police Chaplain. This group of employees is responsible for overall guidance, support and management of the department.