Fredericton / Police force / Patrols

Integrated Community Services (The HUB)

The Integrated Community Services (ICS) Team, made up of uniformed officers and social workers is also embedded into Patrols. This group, often referred to as “The HUB”, perform a variety of functions that provide support to patrol officers and work in cooperation with community partners.

Victim Witness Services

The Victim Witness Team has two full time social workers and a team of approximately 25 volunteers.   The team works to address the needs of victims and witnesses of crime and to ensure their right to information, as well as fair and sensitive treatment.  They are available 24 hours a day to assist victims and witnesses involved with emergency situations.  They are also available to prepare and assist victims and witnesses who need to attend court.

Volunteers provide such assistance as on-scene crisis intervention, responding to incoming inquiries, assisting with training and mentoring new volunteers, and participation in community events and activities.

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Mental Health Coordinator

The role of the Mental Health Coordinator is to support Patrols and work with the Youth Services Coordinator and Intimate Partner Violence Coordinators to support the mental health of our clients. She works with community services to link those that come into contact with police due to mental health crises with the outreach programs to assist with relevant programs or treatment.

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Youth Services

The Youth Services Coordinator works directly with youth, parents(s)/guardian(s), families and caregivers, who are coming into contact with the Fredericton Police Force (FPF) to provide support and assistance to mitigate risks, connect to services and decrease police involvement.

They partner with various stakeholders and service providers to develop prevention, early and long-term intervention strategies, and advocate for systemic changes that will create more opportunities and better outcomes for youth in our community.

Responsibilities also include representing the FPF on various committees, boards and youth justice initiatives.

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Community Liaison Officer

The Community Liaison Officer (CLO) is responsible for the prevention and reduction of crime through public education and the development and maintenance of community partnerships.

The mandate of the CLO is to serve the community as a whole and to support specific needs groups within the community including youth, seniors, and multiculturalism/newcomers to Canada.

The CLO works alongside Saint Mary's First Nation to build productive relationships and provide culturally appropriate policing for the community.

The CLO’s responsibilities include acting as the designated as the Multicultural Liaison Officer for the department and is responsible for community engagement and public education with diverse groups within the City. In this role, they serve as the Fredericton Police Force (FPF) representative Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee (CDAC) and liaises with various cultural groups in the City.

The CLO operates as a liaison between the city's schools and institutes of further education and is also responsible to coordinate FPF attendance at community events with a goal of community engagement.

There are currently two Community Liaison Officers working within Integrated Community Services.

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Intimate Partner Violence Coordinator

As per the New Brunswick Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Intervention Act, "intimate partner violence" means violence committed against a person by another person who is or has been in an intimate personal relationship with the person and includes the following: 

(a) abusive, threatening, harassing or violent behaviour used as a means to psychologically, physically, sexually or financially coerce, dominate and control the other member of the relationship; and

(b) deprivation of food, clothing, medical attention, shelter, transportation or other necessities of life.

The primary responsibility of the Fredericton Police Force (FPF) IPV Coordinator is to develop, monitor and evaluate the IPV program within the department, as well as partner with external stakeholders in the development and implementation of pro-active short and long-term strategies. They also provide education and training in IPV related matters to both the internal and external public and is responsible for establishing and promoting trauma-informed practices within the FPF.

The IPV Coordinator works closely with, and supports, individuals and families experiencing IPV. The role also has a strong community component, to act as an advocate, build relationships with community push for proactive systemic changes and contribute to the reduction of harm. Responsibilities also include acting as a representative of FPF on a number community and provincial boards and committees related to IPV and family violence.

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