Hurricane / Tropical Storm

Fredericton is at times affected by hurricanes after they’ve become tropical storms or post-tropical storms. Post-tropical storm Arthur caused wide-ranging damage in the city in July 2014.

High winds can result in in downed power lines. If you see a downed power line, STAY AWAY. For your safety, always stay at least 10 metres away from them and anything that they touch (trees, puddles, vehicles, etc.).  Follow these tips from NB Power when you see a downed power line.

How Can I Prepare For A Hurricane/Tropical Storm?

  • Keep a 72-hour emergency kit at home.
  • Have an emergency plan for you and your family (use the Government of Canada’s guide).
  • Follow the weather forecast and listen for warnings and advisories.
  • Plan ahead when a storm is forecast. Run your errands, fill up your gas tank, and stop by an ATM before the storm hits.
  • Expect and plan for power outages. Make sure you have a phone that doesn’t need power to operate (cordless phones won’t work without power). Keep your mobile phone fully charged.
  • Secure everything on your property that might blow away (e.g. garbage cans, lawn furniture).
  • Check the trees on your property regularly – trim any dead braches and cut down dead trees. This will reduce the risk of these falling on your house or car during a storm.

What Should I Do During A Hurricane/Tropical Storm?

  • Stay inside during the storm.
  • Listen to the local radio station for updates.
  • Never go swimming or out in a boat during a storm. If you’re on the water and see bad weather coming, head for shore immediately.

For more information,  follow Public Safety Canada’s tips on what to do to prepare for and stay safe during hurricanes.

Some original information from Public Safety Canada and NB Power.