Culture Plan

Fredericton maintains a Culture Plan because the intentional cultivation of culture is critical to any city’s health.

Read the Culture Plan (PDF)

A sustainable city depends on the support of four unique pillars: economic prosperity, social equity, environmental responsibility, and cultural vitality. A vibrant community is sustained by recognizing the interconnections between these pillars, and balancing attention to each. A well-defined cultural plan is key to the strength of the culture pillar that the community depends on.

The Fredericton Municipal Culture Plan aims to integrate Fredericton’s art, culture, economic development, heritage, and sense of community. This document presents a set of values, goals and objectives, and recommended Action Plan for guiding the city over three to five years and beyond.

The objectives and purpose of the Cultural Plan is to:

  • highlight the value of culture to the social and economic fabric of Fredericton
  • integrate the arts and culture into daily life
  • support the design of great spaces and places
  • set a framework of specific actions for the city that unlock organizational, individual, and financial capital
  • guide civic decision-makers and cultural stakeholders in operational changes and investments
  • embrace diversity, support collaboration, and encourage sustainability.

The Fredericton Municipal Culture Plan was prepared with substantial community involvement and consultation, and approved by Fredericton City Council on July 14, 2014.