Outdoor Courts

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These facilities are routinely inspected, however, should you observe damage or have concerns, please contact Service Fredericton.

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Basketball Courts

***Closed due to COVID-19.

Call up a friend, lace up your sneakers and grab your basketball. Whether you’re pulling together a friendly game or just feel like shooting some hoops on your own, from spring to fall and daylight to dark, your city has you covered. Fredericton offers eight outdoor basketball locations for you to enjoy.

Fredericton South

Fredericton North

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Beach Volleyball Courts

  • June 15 – open for unscheduled, drop-in use. 
  • June 22 – available for booked, scheduled use.
  • Groups will need to submit a “Return to Play” doc.
  • The public needs to bring their own hand sanitizer.

      Located in Scotiabank Park North, these courts feature top-of-the-line imported sand, adjustable nets, and a fun way to get outside and be active. The courts are available for public use through the day and club rentals in the evening. Tournament times are also available for rent.

      605 Cliffe ST | Rates & Bookings | Willie O'Ree Place

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      Tennis Courts

      Tennis courts are open every day in the spring and summer, with some even open into the evening. Fredericton has 12 court locations, with many more individual courts between them.

      Fredericton South

      Fredericton North

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      Pickleball Courts

      Don’t know pickleball? It’s sport that continues to grow in popularity, and combines game play similar to tennis, ping pong and badminton. The City constructed three new pickleball courts in 2014.

      Located adjacent to the tennis courts in Queen Square Park.

      Aberdeen ST | Pickleball Rules | Park