Parks, Dog Parks, Playgrounds

Fredericton has 138 parkland locations, totaling 900+ hectares of green, treed space for public use. Enjoy!

Our outdoor facilities such as playgrounds, skateboard parks, courts and playing fields are inspected and maintained regularly between May and October. During the winter months they are used at your own risk. To report damage, please contact Service Fredericton.

Parks & Gardens | Dog Parks | Playgrounds & Parkland

Parks & Gardens

Botanic Garden
Over two kilometres of walking trails through a wooded hillside and along a creek. Printed interpretative guides are available at the entrance to the trails.

694 Prospect ST | Website

Odell Park
Fredericton's 400-acre Odell Park is renowned as one of the most beautiful parks of its kind in Canada. Among the many distinguishing features are a duck pond, arboretum, and botanic garden. Here, amid woodlands and fields that once formed Reverend Jonathan Odell's estate, people find space to play and commune with nature in all seasons. The park is also home to the Odell Park Lodge, which is available for community use.

Waggoners LANE | Lodge 

Killarney Lake Park

Only a 7-minute drive from the city centre, Killarney Lake Park has more than 1,200 acres and over 4 km of multi-use trails to enjoy. The park has an open recreational area, swimming beach, playground, and the Killarney Lake Rotary Centennial Lodge.

St. Mary's ST | Lodge | Beach 

The Green
The “Green” stretches downriver from Government House to Morell Park / Salamanca Landing. Enjoy a walk along the grassy, tree-shaded area that runs next to the Saint John River. It offers a quiet place to relax or stroll.

Queen ST & Waterloo ROW

Carleton Park
A green space on the Northside of the city. Located along Union Street, the park is next to the Saint John River and bordered by Ducks Unlimited and the  Bill Thorpe Trail Bridge.  Large open spaces, with several elm trees and a superb view of the city, are popular for picnics and quiet strolls. Carleton Park is also the location for boat launching and connects to the Northside riverfront trail system.

Union & Gibson ST 

Officers’ Square
Located in downtown Fredericton, on the corner of Queen and Regent Streets, Officers’ Square is one of the city’s most historic and scenic areas. It was the centre of military activity from 1785 to 1869 and 1883 to 1914. Now, Officers’ Square is a pleasant park for relaxing or strolling, and is the scene of outdoor summer concerts, outdoor theatre performances, festivals and other activities during the year.

Queen & Regent ST  | Garrison District Master Plan

Wilmot Park
Wilmot Park was developed for the public in 1895 but had been initially set aside as a "pleasure ground" in 1860. The park includes quiet recreation areas where one can walk along the gravel paths, enjoy the beautiful elm trees and flowers, or rest in the shade of the bandstand. There is a splash pad and basketball courts, tennis, and lawn bowling. The Stepping Stone Seniors Centre is located in Wilmot Park, just off Saunders Street.

Saunders ST 

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Dog Parks

  • Please read all posted signs, and pick up after your dog to maintain a clean area for all to enjoy. 
  • No smoking.
  • Children 12 and under are not permitted inside the fenced area.

The Friends of Fredericton Dog Parks, a community-based working group in partnership with the City, believes that dogs need off-leash time to exercise and play with other dogs.

Service Fredericton

Knowledge Park Drive Dog Park - 600 Knowledge Park DR

Next to the Grant•Harvey Centre, this two-acre, off-leash facility is completely fenced in. It features separate areas for large and small dogs. Benches, garbage cans, clean-up bags, and water access are provided.

Cityview Dog Park - Cityview AVE 

Fredericton's first off-leash Dog Park is a fenced-in facility on 3/4 of an acre, with a separate area for large and small dogs. Benches and garbage cans are provided. Recent upgrades include installing a sun shelter, sponsored by the Main Street Veterinary Hospital, as well as dusk-to-dawn lighting.

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Playgrounds & Parkland

These facilities are inspected on a regular basis. If you have any questions or see damage please contact Service Fredericton.

Northside Parkland
* playground facility

  • Adney Street Park*
  • Barton Crescent Park*
  • Barker Street Sports Field
  • Barkers Point Cenotaph Area
  • Boss Gibson Monument Park
  • Burpee Street Park
  • Carleton Park
  • Charles Avenue Park*
  • Cherry Avenue Park*
  • City Avenue Open Space
  • Clayton Street Park*
  • Cowperthwaite Street Park*
  • Crockett Street Park*
  • Dewitt Acres Park*
  • Downing Street Park*
  • Elliott Street Park
  • Evans Street Park*
  • Forbes Street Open Space
  • Gilridge Crescent Park*
  • Gourley Park
  • Haines Crescent Park
  • Harrison Court Park
  • Hawkins Street Park
  • Henry Park*
  • Heron Drive Park*
  • Hillcrest Park*
  • Hughes Street Park*
  • Hyla Park
  • Irvine Street Park
  • Nashwaaksis Stream Nature Park
  • Kent Street Park*
  • Killarney Lake Park*
  • LaPointe Street Park
  • Lawson Court Park
  • MacPherson Street Park
  • Malloy Park*
  • Mannington Lane Park*
  • Marysville Cenotaph
  • McGregor Street Park*
  • McKinley Avenue Park*
  • McEvoy Street Park
  • McKnight Street Park
  • Melvin Street Park
  • Murray Avenue Park*
  • Nashwaaksis Commons
  • Neville Street Park*
  • Old Burying Ground
  • Park Street Park*
  • Randolph Street Park*
  • Riverside Park*
  • Riverfront North Green
  • Robinson Drive Park*
  • Royal Road Park*
  • Sierra Drive Park*
  • Sunset Drive Park
  • Timber Lane Park*
  • Willis Street Park
  • York County Municipal Home Cemetery

Southside Parkland
* playground facility

  • Angelview Park
  • Ascot Drive Park
  • Beechwood Crescent Park*
  • Boyne Court Pathway
  • Cambridge Crescent Park*
  • Canterbury Drive Park
  • Case Street Park*
  • Coburn Court Park*
  • Coburn Drive Park
  • Colonial Heights Park
  • Dover Crescent Park*
  • Eagle/Birdie Park*
  • Gloucester Crescent Park*
  • Gregg Court Park
  • Hummingbird Street Park
  • Island View Park*
  • Kimble Drive Park*
  • Leeds Drive Park*
  • Limerick Road Park*
  • Lincoln Heights Park*
  • Lincoln Park*
  • Liverpool School Park*
  • London Court Park*
  • Loyalist Cemetery
  • Massey Street Park*
  • Mitchell Street Park
  • Odell Park*
  • Pederson Crescent Park
  • Pembroke Crescent Park
  • Prospect Street Park
  • Queen Square Park*
  • Queen Street Cenotaph
  • Reading Street Park*
  • Regent Street at Kings College
  • Riverfront South Green
  • Rosewood Estates*
  • Smythe Street Green
  • Stoneybrook Park*
  • University Avenue Green
  • Wilmot Park*
  • Woodbridge Street Park

City Maintained Public Washrooms:

The City of Fredericton cleans and looks after the following washrooms for public use

  • Killarney: Open year-round from 8am to 9pm
  • Odell: Open year-round from 8am to 9pm
  • Officers Square: Open year-round from 9am to 9pm
  • Wilmot – Stepping Stone Open June-Oct 9am to 9pm
  • Mitch Clarke – Open for winter rink only 9am to 9pm

To report damages or any maintenance needs, please contact Service Fredericton: 460-2020