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As of May 1, 2024, the City of Fredericton’s recycling program is managed by Circular Materials, a national not-for-profit organization that is committed to building an efficient and effective recycling system in New Brunswick.

New Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations adopted by the Government of New Brunswick require producers and sellers of recyclable materials to manage the entire lifecycle of their products, including end-of-life recycling.  

What can I expect during the transition?  

Fredericton residents will not notice any differences to their recycling schedule and will still be able to recycle the same materials curbside as before. New materials (glass, Styrofoam, and thin plastics) can be recycled at participating redemption centres.  

Please contact FERO, Circular Materials' collection contractor, for recycling-related questions.

The City of Fredericton operates two centrally located community recycling depots for apartment residents and Circular Materials manages the curbside recycling collection program. Circular Materials is a national not-for-profit producer responsibility organization that helps producers build an efficient and effective recycling system in New Brunswick.

What kinds of recyclables are collected?

Both curbside collection and recycling depots accept ‘Blue’ and ‘Grey’ recyclables.

‘Blue’ recyclables include:

  • Metal Food Cans: Tin, steel, and aluminum food cans  
  • Plastics: All plastic containers with the recycling symbols numbered 1-7 and No. 4 plastic shopping bags. Check the bottom of the container.  
  • Milk Cartons

‘Grey’ recyclables include:

  • Newsprint: Newspapers, flyers, magazines, and catalogues.
  • Cardboard & Boxboard
  • Paper: Envelopes (with or without windows), computer paper, scribblers, coloured and white bond paper, phonebooks, paperback books, and cardboard egg cartons

These items are NOT accepted curbside or at a community recycling depot, but many are accepted at the Northside Redemption Center and Best Metals:

  • Glass*
  • Metal: Foil plates
  • Plastics: Plastic toys, plastic swimming pools, plastic wrapping*, plastic bags from gardening products such as fertilizer, plastic box liners*, motor oil containers, unnumbered plastics*, net bags*, bubble wrap*, biodegradable or oxo plastics
  • Ceramics
  • Styrofoam (Polystyrene): White Styrofoam*, coloured Styrofoam.
  • Paper: Pet food bags*, waxed paper, shiny wrapping paper*, and hardcover books

*These items are accepted at the Northside Redemption Center and Best Metals as well as redemption centres in Oromocto and Hanwell.

For more information on what can be recycled, contact the CRSC Recycling Hotline at 1+ (506) 453-9938 or Service Fredericton 1+ (506) 460-2020.

How to prepare your items

To prepare your recyclable for collection or drop-off, please follow these guidelines:

  • All ‘Blue’ recyclables must be rinsed clean.  
  • Collect shredded paper in a compostable paper bag and tie it at the top.
  • Flatten carboard and boxboard and remove plastic liners.
  • Flatten and tie oversized cardboard boxes into 2’x3’ bundles.
  • Cover your ‘Grey’ box on rainy and snowy days. Wet paper is not recyclable!

Curbside Recycling

Frequently Asked Questions

Community Recycling Depots

The City of Fredericton operates two community recycling depots for residents of apartments with more than 5 units and some condominiums. Residents using the depots must follow these guidelines:

  • Do NOT use the recycling depots for commercial use.
  • Do NOT leave material outside the bins, even if they’re full. Material left outside the bins will not be recycled.
  • Do NOT leave non-recyclable garbage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Illegal Dumping

As per By-Law No. S-19, it is illegal to dump waste of any kind on City property. Offenders will be subject to a fine.

Please report all suspected illegal dumping to Service Fredericton at 1+ (506) 460-2020 or

Recycling or Disposal of Special Items

While certain special items are not collected as part of the City’s recycling program, there are plenty of locations throughout the City where you can properly recycle or dispose of them.

The following is not an exhaustive list. For more information on how to recycle or dispose of a specific item, contact the CRSC Recycling Hotline at 1+ (506) 453-9938 or Service Fredericton 1+ (506) 460-2020.