Yard Waste

The City of Fredericton offers residents a few ways to dispose of their yard waste, including curbside collections once a month from April to October as well as seasonal disposal at the Municipal Soil Management Facility.  

This year, the curbside collection occurs on the last full week of the month from April to October, coinciding with your regular garbage collection day. Be sure to have your yard waste prepared and at the curb by no later than 7:00 a.m. on the date of collection.  

The weeks for 2024 are:

  • April 22-26
  • May 27-31
  • June 24-28
  • July 22-26
  • August 26-30
  • September 23-27
  • October 21-25

Yard waste left curbside outside of the pick-up week will not be collected. 

Don’t waste your waste!

We may be used to raking and bagging every fall, but there are many reasons to “leave the leaves”. Did you know that fallen leaves make for excellent mulch for gardens and perennial beds? Yard waste is packed with nutrients that once decomposed will enrich the soil for the following year. It also provides protection and insulation through the winter for important pollinators like bees and butterflies. Other animals, including birds, toads, shrews and salamanders hide and hunt in leaf litter. Consider “leaving the leaves” next fall and reap the many benefits!

Learn more about “leaving the leaves” from the Nature Conservancy of Canada

Learn more about “messy yards” from the David Suzuki Foundation

Another fantastic way to make use of your yard waste is to use a composter to break it down and create a rich compost to feed your garden.

Learn more about home composting

Curbside Yard Waste Collection

To participate in the curbside yard waste collection, residents must follow these guidelines:

  • Leaves must be contained in compostable paper bags. Plastic bags or loose leaves will not be collected. Please make sure to not rake leaves into the gutter.
  • Brush and branches must be kept separate from other yard waste. They should be no bigger than 5 cm in diameter x 1.5 m in length (2 inches x 5 feet) and tied in small bundles with natural twine.
  • Yard waste must be piled separately from household garbage and recycling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Municipal Soil Management Facility

The Municipal Soil Management Facility processes all collected yard waste, shredding branches and brush and forming the mulch into windrows to be composted into “Grade A” topsoil. Topsoil is not sold or given away. It is used solely for City parks and trees and capital construction projects.

Frequently Asked Questions