On and Off Street Parking

On and off street parking is available city-wide. 

Downtown Core

Considered the area bordered by Queen St., Smythe St., Brunswick St., and University Ave, there are numerous short-term and long-term single space meter, pay-by-plate, and permit options available both on and off-street to meet the needs of the public. Signage indicates where public on-street parking is not permitted..

Permit Area

Immediately outside of the downtown core, in the area bordered by George St., Smythe St., Charlotte St., and University Ave., and also on Beaverbrook St., between McLeod Ave. and University Ave., and Church St. along the east side of Queen’s Sq. Park, between McLeod Ave. and Aberdeen St., are on-street permit zones A, B, C, and Q which offer daily permit options (available to the public) and annual permit options (available only to residents living on permit zone streets) for parking on one side of the street. The opposite sides of these permit zone streets are signed as No Parking.

  • On-street meters (hourly, various rates and maximum times)
  • On-street zones A, B, and C (daily and annual permits (street residents only), $5.00/day and $24.00/year)
  • On-street zone Q (daily permits, $5.00/day)
  • East end Garage (hourly, single calendar month, and long-term permits, $1.25/hour and $130.00/mth)
  • Frederick Sq. Garage (hourly, single calendar month, and long-term permits, $1.25/hour and $120.00/mth)
  • Officers Sq. Lot (hourly and single calendar month permits, seasonally from October to May, $2.00/hour and $120.00/mth)
  • York St. Carpark (hourly, single calendar month, and long-term permits, $1.25/hour and $120.00/mth)
  • Tannery Lot (hourly, $2.00/hour)
  • Queen Lot (hourly, $2.00/hour)

All other on-street parking on city streets is posted with signage indicating if there are any applicable parking restrictions. 

If no signage is posted, public parking is often allowed. If unsure, any by-lawed parking restrictions can be reviewed on the T-1 by-law. 

Overnight parking restrictions are in place year-round city-wide, with different conditions from June 1 to September 30 and October 1 to May 31.

Additional Information : On Street Permit Parking