Loading and Flex Zones

Flex loading zones are now in place throughout the downtown. Offering better access for business to products and merchandise, the change also results in more customer parking on evenings and weekends.

Three different parking sites indicating the times and types of vehicles allowed to park on the marked space.

New signs clearly identify the zones and how to use them.

  • Red signs mean loading activities only between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm.
  • These green signs mean parking is available after 10:30 am.
  • These green signs mean parking is available after 5:00 pm.

New loading zone regulations mitigate unlawful use of loading zones by commercial vehicles that are not actively loading or unloading. 

The three requirements that must be met to park in a loading zone are:

  1. the vehicle has commercial signs prominently and permanently affixed to the vehicle (and includes magnetic signs) establishing that the vehicle is used for commercial purposes other than a taxicab;
  2. the owner or driver of the vehicle is actually engaged in loading or unloading of merchandise from the vehicle; and
  3. the vehicle occupies the loading zone for a maximum continuous period of not more than 10 minutes.

Commercial license plates are no longer accepted as valid when parked in a loading zone.

Loading Zones along Queen Street

  • Area of Regent Street to Carleton Street (500 block of Queen Street)
Aerial view pointing to loading zones on Queen Street.
  • Area of Carleton Street to York Street (400 block of Queen Street)
Aerial view of Carleton Street to York Street pointing out loading and parking zones.
  • Area of York Street to Westmorland Street (300 block of Queen Street)
Aerial view of York Street to Wesmorland Street marking parking and loading zones.
  • Area of Westmorland Street to Northumberland Street (200 block of Queen Street)
Aerial view of Westmorland Street to Northumberland Street loading and parking zones.