Community Safety Services Unit

In response to concerns expressed by citizens about safety issues in our city, and in support of the Fredericton Police Force and our By-law Enforcement Division, the City of Fredericton has created Community Safety Services Unit pilot program.

These uniformed personnel will patrol our streets, our trail system, our downtown and the Main Street business district, seven days a week during the hours of 6 am – 1 am.

They will provide public education about proper trail etiquette and be on the look out for vandalism and graffiti. They will also be working with others to connect with those living rough in our community and responding to complaints.

How to contact the unit:

If you have a concern that you want to report, please call 506-460-2020 or email

If there is a crime in progress, please call Fredericton Police immediately at 9-1-1.


Community Safety Open Houses were held by Fredericton Police Force in October 2022. Residents shared their opinions and concerns about safety issues in our city.

Residents shared feelings about traffic, trail safety, living rough, graffiti, vandalism, theft, and drugs. Business owners shared similar concerns and frustrations. See the results open house results here.

These concerns are real. The safety of Fredericton residents is our Number One priority. To assist the Police Force and allow them to focus on the areas of greatest need, we created a Community Safety Services Unit. A pilot project was carried out from April-November 2023, with the Unit continuing into 2024.

These uniformed personnel will be on foot, on e-bikes and in vehicles. The unit will on the streets and on the trails, seven days a week during the hours of 6 am – 1 am. You’ll see them on the trails helping to keep our trails safe from acts of crime which will be immediately reported to the police.

As trail ambassadors, they will be educating the public on safety on the trails and reminding pet owners of their responsibility of care of their pets on our public trails. They will also be reporting acts of vandalism and graffiti as soon as it’s detected.

You’ll see the unit officers reaching out to those in our community who are living rough, guiding them to the support services that can help them. The Community Safety Services Unit will be the eyes and ears on the streets and trails which will help our police officers.

The Community Safety Services Unit will be communicating with the businesses in our urban core to address their concerns, working together to keep our business areas safe, allowing residents to feel comfortable walking downtown and on Main Street.

The safety of residents is the Number One priority. Working with the Fredericton Police and our By-law Enforcement Unit, the Community Safety Services Unit will help make Fredericton a safe, liveable community.