High Priority Disaster Response Registry

Some residents may be at greater risk during or after an emergency because they require special care such as evacuation assistance or help getting special medical attention. 

The City of Fredericton High Priority Disaster Response Registry is for Fredericton residents who may need additional assistance beyond what the general public would need in an emergency but who do not have nearby family or professional support. 

Who can register? 

Any resident within Fredericton city limits who lives at home and is frail, physically or cognitively impaired, and/or unable to comprehend warnings and directions and/or react in an emergency situation. This includes residents who:

  • have a level of frailty or physical impairment that would likely reduce capacity to act during an emergency; 
  • are likely to require increased time and/or assistance to react in an emergency; 
  • would be unable to make an independent decision due to cognitive or other impairment; 
  • rely on electricity for life-sustaining equipment; 
  • would be unable to understand or respond to emergency warnings or directions (e.g. due to speech/hearing impediment and poor use and/or understanding of English); or 
  • do not drive or have access to a vehicle. 

Residents should NOT register if they: 

  • live in an assisted living facility or other licensed residential health care facility; 
  • have a built-in support system at home (i.e. medical alert system); 
  • are not likely to need assistance beyond what the general public would need during or after an emergency; or 
  • live outside city limits. 

Why should you register? 

Registering means that emergency personnel can be aware of your special needs and be better prepared to help you when responding to an emergency that affects your home. 

A trained professional may check in on you by phone or in person in the event of a large-scale emergency (or a power outage if you rely on electricity for life-sustaining equipment) and, if necessary, come to help you evacuate your home. 

Note: You should still have an emergency plan that includes an emergency kit that will sustain you for at least 72 hours

How can you register? 

Complete this form and click to submit (you may have someone do this on your behalf if you need assistance registering). The City of Fredericton Emergency Measures Organization will add your information to the registry. 

You can also print and complete this form and mail it to the City of Fredericton at the address provided at the bottom. 

If you need further assistance, please contact City of Fredericton EMO Officials ( Stephen Moore ) at 460-2020, who will complete the form on your behalf.

NOTE: You’ll need to confirm your registration annually and update us when your contact information changes. You will be notified when it is time to confirm your registration. If your situation or contact information changes or there is a temporary change in status at any time, please contact 506-460-2020