Discharging Fireworks

Residents wishing to discharge fireworks are reminded that home displays are not permitted in the City of Fredericton, and to plan a public display, organizers must make a formal request and follow the Fireworks By-law pertaining to the discharge of fireworks.

Public Fireworks Displays

If you’re planning on holding a commercial or public firework display, on private or public property, you’ll need to contact a professional display fireworks company. The fireworks supervisor from this company will apply for a permit requesting the City of Fredericton to authorize the display a minimum of 14 days prior to the proposed date of display.

In order to complete the fireworks request application form, you will need:

  • Event information including time, location, and rain dates
  • Proof of certification of the applicant(s) as a Fireworks Operator
  • A list of materials
  • A site plan
  • Storage information
  • Transportation information
  • Proof of insurance and indemnification
  • Proof of consent in writing of the property owner

More details of these items are explained in the Fireworks Guide. We recommend reviewing this before you begin the application process.

All documents to be uploaded in your applications must be in PDF format.

There is no option to save your work, when you begin the application form you must complete all the fields to submit.

Apply for Fireworks Discharge Permit