Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee

The Fredericton Police Force Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee was established in 2007 as the formal point of contact between the police and representatives in our increasingly diverse community.  Chaired by the Deputy Chief of Police, the Advisory Committee is comprised of police officers, government and non-government partners and community members. In 2009 a dedicated Multicultural Liaison police officer was also appointed to the committee to provide specific proactive outreach efforts on behalf of the Fredericton Police Force.            

The Fredericton Police Force motto to “serve and protect” applies to all our citizens equally and it is with this motto in mind that we provide professional policing in our community. (From CDAC Terms of Reference)


Seniors Advisory Committee

The Seniors Advisory Committee will strengthen the development and delivery of services, by the Fredericton Police Force, to seniors in the greater Fredericton area.


  • Provide advice and guidance on the development and delivery of initiatives for seniors.
  • Support the Fredericton Police Force in delivering services to seniors.
  • Act as a sounding board for new ideas.
  • Relate to other stakeholder organizations with an interest in seniors.
  • Participate in training sessions for stakeholder organizations.
  • Serve as a forum to identify and discuss barriers to effective involvement by seniors in ownership of their own safety and security.
  • Serve as a forum to identify and celebrate successes.
  • Take a proactive role in identifying Fredericton’s seniors' safety and security needs.
  • Bring forward ideas for improvement of existing initiatives.
  • Promote the importance of a safe and secure environment for seniors.