Public Safety Cameras

Public Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

The Fredericton Police Force (FPF) have implemented seven new community public safety cameras in the downtown area. These cameras, along with the community ones that currently exist, will provide remote and continuous monitoring of known public safety hazards (flood zones etc.) and traffic conditions (bridges, key intersections).

The main purpose of the public safety cameras is to create a safe, inclusive, and inviting community that will welcome tourists, help make residents feel safe, and protect business from nuisance, vandalism, and mischief. Additionally, the cameras will provide visual communication opportunities for community events, live streaming tourism and recreation activities and public interest locations for tourist and residents.  

Why are we implementing public safety cameras?

The public safety cameras will enhance the Police’s ability to better protect the community by allowing immediate situational awareness and oversight in the event of incident. Additionally, the presence of public safety cameras and appropriate signage have been shown to act as powerful crime deterrents in other jurisdictions.

We know that there is nothing quite like boots on the ground to increase public safety, and that patrolling – on foot or by car – allows officers to see exactly what’s happening with their own eyes, but we cannot be everywhere, all the time, so the public safety cameras will allow us to be more present and will be used for enhancing safety in public places.

They will be used in the following ways:

  • Event monitoring:
    • Useful for major or high-profile events and investigations
    • Increased public safety
    • Effective resource deployment
  • Improved situational awareness
    • Real-time information for dispatchers and first responders
    • Coordinated effective resource deployment – faster and more efficiently
  • Evidence gathering and community safety (lost, missing persons)

Fredericton Police plan to use what is called "passive monitoring" of the cameras. In other words, FPF members generally will not be watching the camera images in real time unless there is a direct police reason to do so. 

Case Study

In Charlottetown, where public cameras have been installed, there has been a 40 percent reduction in crime since the cameras were installed.

Public reaction to video cameras mounted on city streets and in high crime neighborhoods has been positive as local businesses and citizens are supportive of wireless video solutions that help keep their streets safe.

Public Safety Through Partnership - How can I get involved? 

The public safety camera project was jointly funded by the City of Fredericton, Business Fredericton North, and Downtown Fredericton Inc.  We are hopeful to install more cameras in the future, when more community partners are secured.  Additional community partners can play a part in keeping our community a safer place.

The Breakdown:

  • City of Fredericton Phase I Contribution :      $90,000
    • Replacement of 5 community cameras
    • Phase II would allow for additional community/ public safety cameras
  • Downtown Fredericton Inc. : $60,000
    • Initial rollout of public safety cameras

Your Investment:

  • One camera unit costs approx. $7,000
    • Includes hardware, physical infrastructure, wiring, signage and systems support