Body Worn Cameras

The Fredericton Police Force recently deployed 48 additional body worn cameras to its front-line patrols. This initiative aims to improve overall community safety and well-being, increase transparency and accountability in policing and improve evidence collection and documentation. 

Body-worn cameras were first deployed to 12 front-line Fredericton officers during a 2017 pilot.  As of June 28, 2023, all platoons are now equipped with body-worn cameras, which means a total 60 officers are now using the equipment. 

The additional body-worn cameras represent an investment of $129,000 ($64,000 for the hardware, and $65,000 in licensing fees). Two additional administrative positions were created to support the Digital Evidence Management System, bringing the team to three positions.  Governance, use and storage of all recordings are in strict compliance with the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the New Brunswick Police Act. The Fredericton Police Force has worked extensively on its policies and procedures with the New Brunswick Ombud to ensure strict compliance with all privacy legislation. 


Officer with Body Worn Camera