Support Services

The Support Services division is made up of both civilian support staff and uniformed officers. This Division is comprised of two sections - Administrative Support and Operational Support.

The Administrative Support side of the Division provides essential support through a variety of services such as:

  • Reception
  • Court Preparation and on-site court support
  • Central Records
  • Exhibits/Quartermaster
  • File Validation
  • Digital Evidence
  • Criminal Records Checks/civilian fingerprinting
  • Right to Information

This vital portion of the Division is responsible for the majority of the behind the scenes work that is required to support and facilitate officers' roles, legal processes, and reporting and workflow that are required of any modern police force.

The Operational Support side of the Division is responsible for more specialized operating units, providing professional or tactical support to other divisions.

These units include:

  • Training Section/Employee Development
  • Reader/Quality Assurance
  • Forensic Identification Section/Drone
  • Police Service Dog
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Explosive Disposal Unit
  • Crisis Negotiator Team
  • Scribe Team
  • Collision Reconstruction Team