Recycling Services

Change to Community Bin Service

The City of Fredericton is notifying residents of a change to the northside Community Recycling Bins, located at the Brookside Mall. Due to littering around the Brookside Mall bins, the City will be moving the bins from the Brookside Mall and consolidating this operation on City property to Willie O’Ree Place at 605 Cliffe St. This change will occur on September 26 and will result in a complete end to recycling drop off at Brookside Mall.

The Capital Region Service Commission (CRSC), is managed by RSC 11, runs the region’s landfill and is responsible for the region’s recycling program.

To find out more about the CRSC’s recycling program and its other operations, check out the website here

The City of Fredericton offers curbside recycling pickup on behalf of residents and delivers it to the landfill. We also offer depot recycling at three convenient locations for people living in apartments with more than 5 units and some condominiums.

View the recycling & waste collection map here

For more information on either program, please contact the Recycling Hotline (506-453-9938) or Service Fredericton.