Roads & Construction

Diversity of choice is an important part of what make cities wonderful, dynamic, attractive places to live—and to move to. It’s why the most livable cities provide their citizens with many viable choices for getting around. The city’s roads, streets, highways and parking facilities support the choice to drive; sidewalks and pedestrian pathways support the choice to walk; bike paths, signage, and education programs support the choice to bike; and of course investment in quality public transit provides yet another mobility choice.

Of course, a mode of transportation only becomes a realistic option for someone if the city invests in the infrastructure and maintenance programs to make it an option. In the effort to give people as many transportation options as possible, The City of Fredericton has in place many specific plans, initiatives, and projects. As you’ll see in this section, Fredericton is active in giving citizens what they need to drive, park, walk, and bike safely and conveniently.

Roads and Sidewalks

Fredericton's road and sidewalk system includes approximately 1026 lane km of roads and 251 km of sidewalk. Throughout the city, there are 78 signalized intersections and 59 pedestrian-activated flashing crosswalks.

The Roadway Operations Division of the Engineering & Operations Department is responsible for maintaining the road and sidewalk network in the city. During winter months, the division is responsible for all snow plowing, clearing, salting, and sanding on the city's road and sidewalk network. In April, the division changes its operations to deal with spring potholes and starts its annual street and sidewalk cleaning program. The primary focus during the summer months shifts to construction and maintenance on the City's roads, sidewalks and drainage systems. In the fall, the construction and maintenance programs are completed and staff prepare equipment for the upcoming winter season.

Questions or concerns about the city's road and sidewalk network should be directed to the Engineering & Operations Department.