Water Utility

Clean, fresh water reaches the taps of Fredericton residents daily on demand but getting the water to the homes and businesses of Frederictonians is a process that should not be taken for granted.

The Utility obtains its drinking water from 10 major production wells: seven located in the Wilmot Park area and three in the Queen Square neighbourhood.

The water is drawn from the sand and gravel aquifer under the city’s downtown area.

The water then passes through one of two water treatment plants, before flowing through a water distribution system of 433 km of water mains, 14 water booster stations, 16 reservoir sites, 17,640 service connections, and over 2,500+ fire hydrants.

Water & Sewer Utility Long Term Financial Plan (PDF)

Water Metering

Water meters serve an important role. The Utility uses technology to read meters and ensure both safe and convenient service.

Please make sure your water meter is accessible in case it requires service, and that renovations never cover it without leaving access. Exercising your water valve from time to time will help ensure that it can be easily operated should a problem develop with interior plumbing.

About our Water & Sewer Utility

Our Water Utility has provided customers with safe, clean water for 137 years, and environmentally sound wastewater treatment since 1969. The Utility also provides maintenance and renewal efforts for the system to operate smoothly.

As per provincial legislation, the Utility is self-funded, deriving all its revenue from rates charged and government infrastructure grants. It is separate from the City of Fredericton’s general fund budget and property tax system.