Cross Connection Control

Each day, our Water & Sewer Utility provides customers with clean, safe drinking water on demand.

One of the many ways we keep our drinking water safe is through ensuring Cross Connection Control (CCC) devices are maintained.

As per the City of Fredericton By-law No. W-2, A By-law Relating to the Water and Sewer Systems, the City of Fredericton requires CCC devices to be serviced regularly and tested annually (by a City of Fredericton licensed tester) to ensure they continue operating efficiently.

Businesses that employ City of Fredericton licensed CCC device testers.

What is a cross connection?

A cross connection, as per the City of Fredericton By-law No. W-2, A By-law Relating to the Water and Sewer Systems, is a connection or potential connection between any part of the potable (drinking) water system and any other environment containing other substances in a manner which, under any circumstances, could allow such substance to enter the potable water system.

A utility tap with a shallow tub below in a corner. Tubes run from the tap to a cleaning solution dispenser.
An example of drinking water contamination. The soap dispenser is directly connected to an open faucet.​

What is a Cross Connection Control device?

A CCC device protects your drinking water from contamination from back siphonage and backpressure.

Back siphonage is backflow caused by reduced pressure in the supply piping.

Common causes of back siphonage:

  • High velocities in pipelines.
  • Water main repair or break that is lower than a service point.
  • Lowered water main pressure due to high water withdrawal from firefighting or water main flushing.

Backpressure may cause backflow when a potable system is connected to a non-potable water supply that is operating under high pressure by means of a pump or booster. There is a high risk the non-potable water may be forced into the potable system whenever these interconnections are not properly protected.

Common causes of backpressure:

  • Booster pumps.
  • Interconnections with another liquid system operated at a higher pressure.
  • Elevated piping (i.e., 30' above finished grade)

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