People are more likely to choose to bicycle in their city if they feel safe on their bike. In its effort to make the cycling option a viable and safe transportation choice for its citizens, the City of Fredericton is committed to ambitious bike lane and bike route efforts. There are currently 45 kilometres of bike lanes and 39 kilometres of bike routes city-wide.

Bike lanes: These were recommended as part of the Bikeway Master Plan completed in 2007.

Bike lanes feature signage as well as lines and symbols painted on the street. Located on the travelled portion of the street, bike lanes are designed for one-way cyclist traffic. White lines, with an outline of a bicycle painted within the lane, help to separate the bike lane from the roadway. A diamond in the lane means that the lane is reserved for bicycles only—vehicle parking is not permitted. If there is no diamond painted in the lane, vehicle parking is permitted and cyclists should expect parked cars.

Of course, in addition to bike routes and lanes, cyclists are as entitled to travel along all city streets as drivers are. Motorists and cyclists are reminded to be on the lookout for each other and for pedestrians. All road users must obey the rules of road and share it safely.

Bike routes

Bike routes—watch for the “Bicycle Route” and “Share the Road” signs—are identified by signage only. They’re typically installed along arterial and major collector streets, which have high motorized traffic volumes or where the existing cross section cannot accommodate bike lanes. There are also bike routes on residential streets where the road is too narrow to allow for a bike lane.