Back-In Angled Parking

In efforts to increase the number of parking spaces and improve traffic safety adjacent to parks, the City of Fredericton is introducing Back-In Angled Parking on Odell Avenue by Wilmot Park and on a section of Aberdeen Street by Queen Square Park.

What is Back-in Angled Parking and what are the benefits?

The concept is simple. Parallel parking spots will be replaced with angled spots that are designed to be backed in to. These angled parking spaces take up less curbside room than parallel spaces. This means more vehicles can park in the same amount of curb space, not to mention, Back-In Angled Parking is safer than traditional drive-in angled parking.

With Back-In Angled Parking, drivers have a full field of vision when exiting a parking space. Drivers are able to safely pull out of a space front first, rather than reversing onto the street. 

Opened car doors also create a barrier between the sidewalk and traffic, deterring young passengers from entering the street.

When parking in a Back-In Angled Parking spot follow this simple, three-step process.

  1. Slow down and signal to other drivers.
  2. Stop just a head of the space.
  3. Back into the space.

Angled Parking

Odell Avenue and the Queen Square Park section of Aberdeen Street have been selected for this upgrade because of their proximity to popular attractions such as the Splash Pad and the Queen Square Outdoor Pool.

New signage and pavement markings to facilitate the change to Back-In Angled Parking will be installed this summer.