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Construction Map 

As our city grows every year and our infrastructure ages, the City of Fredericton invests in maintenance and renewal efforts ensure that our systems continue to perform well. Construction work can include such things as asphalt resurfacing, street reconstruction, water and sewer construction, and these projects deliver necessary upgrades that continue to support safe drinking water, reduce the risk of flooding and ensure safe travel. 

Explore this year's Major and Neighbourhood Infrastructure Renewal Projects with our new story map! Find more about what to expect, the work and benefits of each project.


2022 Construction Map

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During construction season, residents can help reduce traffic congestion by exploring flex-time at work, taking vacation during busy construction periods, walking, biking, carpooling, using transit, allowing extra time to complete errands, and reducing or combining trips across the bridge, and around town.

Improvement Projects 

The City of Fredericton categorizes their construction projects into the five categories below. 

Major Infrastructure Projects

Major infrastructure projects are infrastructure renewal projects that impact major roadways, and last for several months.  These projects may have impacts on nearby businesses and commuter traffic. These projects often involve the replacement of buried pipes that are at the end of their usable life. Major Infrastructure projects are also coordinated with roadway and active transportation renewal projects and upgrades. Combining underground infrastructure fixes with needed road work means that the City shouldn’t need to return to perform upgrades for 20 years or more.

  • Brookside Drive – (Phase 3&4)
  • Brookside Drive Provincial Roundabout
  • Lincoln Road
  • Maple Street (Phase 2)
  • Rookwood (Phase 2)

Neighbourhood Infrastructure Projects

Neighbourhood infrastructure projects are typically infrastructure renewal projects on residential streets, and they last for several months. These projects don’t usually impact businesses or commuter traffic but do impact area residents. Most often, these projects involve the replacement of buried pipes that are at the end of their usable life.

  • Autumn Avenue (Nashwaaksis)
  • Fairiew Drive (Silverwood)
  • Hemlock Avenue (Nashwaaksis)
  • Highland Avenue
  • Huron Avenue (Nashwaaksis)
  • Lilac Crescent (Nashwaaksis)
  • Marysville Street and Cochrane Street (Marysville)
  • Station Road

Paving & Roadway Projects

Paving and Roadway Projects include asphalt milling and resurfacing work, changes to curb alignments, sidewalk renewal and improvements, and traffic and pedestrian upgrades. These projects generally involve phases of work where traffic may be impacted for shorter durations, but roads remain open.

  • Smythe Street (Connaught to Hawthorne)
  • Canada Street (Perley to City Limits)
  • St. Marys Street (Killarney Cres. N - Bramble Way)
  • Canterbury Drive (Forest Hill to Essex)
  • Montgomery Street (Smythe to York)
  • Waggoners Lane (Rookwood to Hanwell)
  • Woodstock Road (ODell to Talmadge)
  • Hanwell Road - (Burnham to Civic 780)
  • Queen Street (Regent to Westmorland)
  • Mitchell Street (Kings College to Montgomery)
  • Kaley Court
  • George Street (York to St. John)
  • Colonial Heights (Burnham to Golf Club)
  • Doak Road 

Trail & Park Projects

Trail & Park Projects include infrastructure renewal such as improved parking at our local parks, resurfacing projects such as foot bridge decking or trail paving, improved access within parks including bridge and trail installations and complete renovations of existing parks such as officer square.

Off Street Infrastructure Projects

Off Street Infrastructure Projects involve infrastructure work that is not happening within a public roadway. This work typically has no impact on adjacent roadways, sidewalks or commuters any usually involves the replacement/renewal or upgrade of municipal infrastructure.

  • Officers' Square


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