Pay-by-Plate Parking

Pay-by-Plate FAQ (pdf)

Pay-by-Plate paystations are now in place at multiple locations.

The new technology is easy to use:

  • Park your vehicle
  • Enter your license plate number
  • Pay for the time you need with a credit card (swipe or tap),contactless tap-and-go payments using digital platforms such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Interac flash, coin, or on your mobile device using the HotSpot app
  • Go about your day

There’s no need to return to your vehicle to display your receipt.

If you are a Hotspot mobile payment user, you can use the app instead of the pay stations. When using the app, enter zone number:

  • 4503 for the York Street Carpark
  • 6603 for the east side of Carleton St. between King St. and Brunswick St.
  • 4202 for the Frederick Sq. Garage
  • 4806 for the East End Garage
  • 4403 for the Tannery Lot

Finally, privacy is important. When making a payment, we only use your license plate number to validate parking.

Pay-by-plate technology saves time and is an important step in the City's plan to modernize parking technology.

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