Pay-by-Space Parking

The City of Fredericton uses a pay-by-space parking system in its parking facilities. The pay-by-space system reduces or even eliminates lineups entering and exiting the parking facility. To pay for parking in the pay-by-space system, you may use the on-site pay stations or the HotSpot Parking app.

Here’s how it works, using on-site pay stations:

  1. Park your vehicle
  2. Note space number
  3. Proceed to pay station immediately
  4. Pay for desired time (cash, Visa, Mastercard, Amex)
  5. Keep receipt of payment
  6. Note expiry time

There’s no need to return to your vehicle to display the receipt. If you’re not sure how much time you'll need, add a little extra to be sure—tickets will be issued for expired time.

If you need to add more time, you may do so from a pay station at any of our locations as long as your original purchase hasn't expired.

How to add time:

  1. Go to any Pay-by-Space pay station.
  2. Enter your parking space number, as shown on your receipt.
  3. Choose the "Add Time" option.
  4. Enter the unique "Add Time" six-digit number from your receipt.
  5. Select the additional amount of time needed, and pay.
  6. Take your receipt and continue on with your day!

If you are a HotSpot Parking mobile payment user, and the lot or facility you’re using displays a HotSpot Parking sticker, you may use the app instead of the on-site pay stations.