During a Storm

When it snows in Fredericton, City crews are busy applying salt to major streets and scraping those routes to keep the city moving. However, snow plowing operations for the entire city always begins at the end of a storm when twenty-three pieces of equipment deploy to clean up the city.

Once the storm finishes, City staff plow all streets within 24 hours based on a 3-level priority system, determined by traffic volume and access:

  • Priority 1 streets are arterials and major collector roads such as Regent Street, the Westmorland Street Bridge and Union Street.
  • Priority 2 streets are minor collector roads and local streets on bus routes, school and hospital zones such as MacLaren Avenue, Kings College Road and Canterbury Drive.
  • Priority 3 streets are all remaining streets.

All sidewalks are plowed within 48 hours of a storm based on the following priority:

  • Priority 1 sidewalks are located on major routes, minor arterial streets, school zones, downtown and heavily travelled sidewalks.
  • Priority 2 sidewalks are located on collector streets.
  • Priority 3 sidewalks are located on local streets.
  • Priority 4 sidewalks are located on certain trail or hard surface connections.