Snow Cleanup

Work on cleaning up the city after a snowstorm does not stop once snow plowing is finished. Once the snow has finished and all streets are plowed, City crews work on the final steps of cleanup. These steps include:

  • pushing back snow banks;
  • cutting ice with graders;
  • widening streets after a snow fall;
  • clearing bus stops and fire hydrants;
  • pushing bank snow from corners to address site restrictions;
  • addressing snow pushed into right aways; and
  • moving snow to snow storage.

Residents can assist City staff in their cleanup work by following these tips:

  • Don’t push/place snow on streets or sidewalks.
  • Keep garbage containers out of harms way.
  • Park vehicles off street, well into driveway (it’s the law).
  • Mark hedges and fences with flagging tape.
  • Keep catch basins near property clear.
  • Drive for the conditions.
  • Wear winter footwear. Safety first.
  • Watch where your children play – snowbanks are not a good place to build forts.