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Open Data

Open Data Portal
The City of Fredericton values transparency, openness, and the enhancement of our community. Our Open Data site is an important reflection of this philosophy – making current, up-to-date data available for everyone. Our site is built on the Esri™ Open Data portal platform. We encourage people to use the data, and entrepreneurs to develop applications that will offer exciting new services to our citizens.



The City has integrated traditional and wireless technologies to create Fred-eZone, a free, community-wide Wi-Fi network providing residents, visitors and businesses with mobile broadband access from virtually anywhere within the city.



Fred-eFibre Service
Dark fibre (also known as customer managed fibre) is a product that is exclusive to the Fredericton region. Dark fibre allows customers to light and manage their own dedicated fibre strand(s) with electronics supplied by the customer. With GoFred Dark Fibre, customers can access city-wide ultra secure, ultra fast and 100% dedicated fibre optics offered on an annual rental basis or on a long term IRU (irrevocable right of use) lease.