Fredericton Transit


Fredericton Transit introduces Accessible Transit

Fredericton Transit is taking the next step in supporting the traveling needs of all residents.

Accessible Transit will be available beginning October 1, 2020 on all busses. As part of the new service, ramps are installed on all busses allowing passengers with mobility devices to enter a bus. As well, they will be able to take advantage of dedicated priority space on the bus they travel on.

The new service is part of the City’s Transit Strategic Plan and Accessible Transit Plan, and was developed in partnership with Ability New Brunswick.

Transit Operators will assist riders when they enter a bus by deploying the ramp upon request and assisting with securing a mobility device. Prior to departing the bus, Transit Operators will release the ties downs for the mobility device of a rider and deploy the ramp again.

Passengers traveling who require a mobility device should have the ability to board, maneuver and depart the bus independently, safely and efficiently.

Passengers who require a significant amount of assistance in boarding and exiting the bus may be accompanied by an attendant, who can ride for free. Priority seating is available on a first come, first served basis. Priority seats may be occupied.

Many Transit stops have also been made accessible and the City is continuing to make improvements to the accessibility of its bus stops. A map of accessible Transit stops is available on the Fredericton Transit website.

Policies for passengers including the types of mobility devices is permitted is also available on the Fredericton Transit website.

Fredericton Transit introduces digital Transit payments 

Fredericton Transit will now offer customers the opportunity to make digital transit payments. The new service will allow transit riders to buy a single ride pass or a monthly pass from their mobile device using the HotSpot payment app.  

The new payment option will allow customers to use HotSpot to purchase passes up to 72 hours before the month in which the passes are being purchased. Transit riders will be able to buy a single ride fare anytime.

The new digital transit payment service will be available for monthly pass purchases August 29 and single ride passes September 1.  

Fredericton Transit changes effective June 29, 2020

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, transit systems have been working diligently to get their passengers to their destinations safely. Codiac Transpo, Fredericton Transit, and Saint John Transit have collaborated to create a unified operational plan to respond to the increase in passenger demand while also ensuring the safety of passengers and employees. This plan addresses service level changes while meeting provincial COVID-19 requirements and was created in partnership with each municipality, transit system, and the respective Municipal Emergency Command Centres.

Effective Monday, June 29, 2020, the following operational changes will take effect on all three transit systems:

Masks will be required. Children under the age of two and those with medical conditions (as per the Chief Medical Officer of Health of New Brunswick) will be exempt.

Seating capacity will be increased to up to 50% regular capacity and seats will be marked accordingly.

Mask use will be monitored. Should passengers not comply with this new measure, there is a risk of increased service reductions. Should passengers comply, further service level increases are anticipated.

The two seats directly behind operators will remain blocked off. Passengers can expect appropriate distance between available seats and other passengers.

Passengers are encouraged to bring and use hand sanitizer.

Each transit system continues increased fleet sanitization to ensure the safety of passengers. Passengers are encouraged to verify their route schedule with their respective transit system and to ensure they are aware of specific measures as they relate to fare collection, entrance on buses, and other city-specific measures that differ among the three systems. 

Fredericton Transit schedule changes effective May 19, 2020

    In response to the Province’s COVID-19 Recovery Plan, and the move to the orange recovery phase, the City is providing an update to Transit Services.

    Starting May 19, Fredericton Transit will resume to hourly service (following a modified Saturday schedule). Service hours will be from approximately 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. depending on the route. Detailed schedules are available on this page.

    Fare collection will also resume on May 19. Safety measures have been added to buses, which includes shields installed adjacent to the operators to create a barrier between operators and boarding or disembarking passengers. The City had previously stopped requiring fare on transit in mid-March in conjunction with moving to rear-door boarding as a safety measure to reduce potential spread of COVID-19. The new shields will allow for safe collection of fare and boarding of passengers.

    Monthly passes will not be sold in May, but Fredericton Transit will resume sales of monthly passes in June. Passengers can purchase 10-Ride ticket books ($25.00 for ten tickets) or pay for fare on a per-ride basis as cash fare at the regular rate of $2.75/trip exact change only, as per usual. All vendor outlets are currently selling 10-Ride ticket books except the UNB Student Union Building and City Hall Service Centre check with individual locations for current hours of operation. Paper transfers will continue to be provided.

    Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers have been added to the buses. Most busses will have the hand sanitizers in place on May 19, however, some will be installed in the coming weeks as supplies become available.Passengers may wish to carry their own hand sanitizer just in case.

    Fredericton Transit will continue to implement an enhanced cleaning schedule on the bus interiors that it initiated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Transit will also continue to operate with a maximum of 9 passengers as Provincial directive still limits groups to max of 10 (including transit operator).Additional buses will continue to be available on standby to provide continuation of bus service should a bus reach the maximum 9 passenger capacity.

    Because a physical distance of 2 m/6 ft cannot always be maintained while riding transit, passengers will be strongly recommended to wear masks. Front door entry only and rear exit remains in effect. 


    Fredericton Transit continues to operate.  Monitor this page for changes or updates.  Fredericton Transit and the City of Fredericton are following the lead of the Chief Medical Officer of New Brunswick in response to COVID-19.  The safety of our passengers continues to be our priority.  We have implemented the following steps to reduce potential risk and spread of COVID-19:

    1. In addition to our regular cleaning program, we have increased the cleaning of high touch surfaces;
    2. Additional improvements are underway to further increase the frequency of cleaning high touch surfaces while buses are in service;
    3. Transit Operators have been advised to wash their hands whenever possible, to wear gloves if they choose, and to take precautionary steps according to the provincial Department of Health’s recommendations;
    4. Signage has been placed on buses advising passengers to exercise safe social distancing by maintaining a 2 metre distance from Transit Operators while buses are in service; and,
    5. Hand sanitizer dispensers have been ordered and will be installed at the entrance of buses for public use.

    A hallmark of modern, forward-thinking cities is the provision of viable transportation alternatives. When residents can choose from a number of transportation options—choices beyond driving—the city becomes more vibrant, diverse, and healthy. It’s why effective, efficient, enjoyable public transit is a top priority for the City of Fredericton.

    The City of Fredericton Transit Division operates 28 buses on twelve routes, running Monday to Saturday, from 6:15 am until 11:00 pm (except on Holidays). The focus of Fredericton’s transit service is safe, reliable, and convenient transit for all residents.

    In addition to standard route service, the Transit Division operates chartered busing to various school, tour, and conference groups in and around Fredericton, and a parallel service, Para Transit, for persons with mobility challenges.