Fredericton Transit


Big technology changes have arrived at Fredericton Transit — making it easier for YOU to move around the city.

  • Some of the upgrades include an automated bus stop announcement system, which helps hearing and visually impaired transit customers through audio and visual cues.
  • MyRide is a new web app devoted to service messaging for customers during things like construction season and poor weather conditions.
  • Fredericton Transit takes the safety of our customers very seriously. Transit installed closed circuit television cameras to monitor incidents on or near the bus.
  • There’s a new electronic fare collection system coming, which allows customers to use debit or credit.

These new changes will provide customers with top-level service and allow Fredericton Transit to collect data that will help improve future service. See you on the bus!

About Fredericton Transit

Fredericton Transit provides an expansive public transit network for people living in the urban and suburban areas of the City of Fredericton. Fredericton Transit carried nearly 1.4 million passengers in 2016 (5,000 passenger trips per day on average), and operates 10 all-day service routes, and 2 routes operating exclusively to support peak-hour demand. Transfers between routes can be made at several key destinations in the City, including the Corbett Centre, Regent Mall and Kings Place. Fredericton Transit services other major destinations in the City including UNB, STU, and the Regent Mall. A Para Transit program consisting of 2 buses, along with a fleet of 28 low-floor buses, make public transit a feasible travel option for many.