Transit Scent Policy

Scent Policy

Fredericton Transit recognizes that some people experience environmental sensitivities related to exposure to scents.  Scents include fragrances, aromas or perfumes that add smell to something else.  

Some people with environmental sensitivities, or chemical sensitivities,  may experience adverse health symptoms (e.g. allergic reaction, athsma, lung disease) when exposed to scents or chemicals.  Use of scented products may aggravate the environmental sensitivities of others (passengers or Operators) and make them sick.  

All Fredericton Transit passengers are asked to take the following measures to help ensure transit rides are pleasant for everyone:

  • Remember that some people suffer from allergies or other health conditions that are triggered by exposure to scented products.
  • Avoid wearing strongly scented perfumes or products while riding public transit.
  • Refrain from smoking near the front and rear doors of buses.
  • Respect that others may have strong reactions to scents/smells and that public transit is for everyone.