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Transit Schedule Effective April 22, 2022: Schedule (PDF)

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Bus Route 10 North towards Carlisle Road

10N Carlisle

  (Regent, Windsor, Forest Hill, Waterloo Row, Downtown, Main, Sunset, Clements)


Bus Route 11 South towards Prospect Street

11S Prospect

(Clements, Sunset, Main, Downtown, Waterloo Row, Forest Hill, Windsor, Regent)


Bus Route 12 North towards Brookside Drive

12N Brookside

(Prospect, Smythe, Sunshine Gardens, Downtown, Fulton Heights, Royal, Brookside)


Bus Route 13 South towards Prospect Street

13S Prospect

(Brookside, Royal, Fulton Heights, Downtown, Sunshine Gardens, Smythe, Prospect, Regent)


Bus Route 14 North towards Barkers Point

14N Barkers Point

(Hanwell, Valcour, Prospect, York, Downtown, Two Nations Crossing, Cliffe, Union, Barkers Point)


Bus Route 15 South towards Hanwell Road

15S Hanwell

(Barkers Point, Union, Cliffe, Two Nations Crossing, Downtown, York, Prospect, Rainsford Lane, Hanwell)


Bus Route 16 North towards Marysville

16N Marysville

(Corbett Centre, Regent, UNB/STU Campus, Downtown, St. Mary's First Nation, Devon, Marysville)


Bus Route 17 South towards Regent Street

17S Regent

(Marysville, Devon, St. Mary's First Nation, Downtown, UNB/STU Campus, Regent)


Bus Route 116 towards Kings Place

116 Kings Place

(Regent Mall, Corbett Centre, Skyline Acres, Southwood Park, Lincoln, Regent, Downtown)


Bus Route 216 towards the Corbett Centre

216 Corbett Centre

(Downtown, Beaverbrook, Southwood Park, Skyline Acres, Corbett Centre)


Bus Route 18 towards Silverwood

18 Silverwood

(Lincoln, Lincoln Heights, Downtown, Woodstock, Silverwood)


Bus Route 20 towards Lincoln

20 Lincoln

(Silverwood, Woodstock, Downtown, Lincoln, Lincoln Heights)