Transit Detours 2021

Due to a closure of Maple Street from the intersection of Maple St. and Ring Rd. from June 25th closing at 6:00pm until Sunday June 27th :

12N will detour as follows: Maple St., St Mary’s St., Union St., Main St., Wallace Ave

13S will detour as follows: Wallace Ave., Main St., Union St., St. Mary’s St., Maple.


Due to a full Closure Waggoners Lane starting June 28th: 

12N Brookside Will detour as follows:  Smythe St., Saunders St., Parkhurst Dr., and Hanwell Rd.

13S Prospect will detour as follows: Hanwell Rd., Parkhurst Dr., Saunders St., and Smythe St.


Due to construction for 5 weeks at Regent and King 216, 11S, 17S and 20 Lincoln will detour: Right on Carleton St., Left on Brunswick St. and back to normal routing  starting June 28th.


Due to construction on Wilsey Road, 216 Corbett Centre and 116 Kings Place will detour via Hubbard Rd. starting June 7th, 2021. 

216 Corbett Centre will detour Wilsey Rd., Hubbard Rd., left on Hilton Rd., MacKenzie Rd., Whiting Rd., and back to regular routing.

116 Kings Place will detour Hilton Rd., MacKenzie Rd., Whiting Rd., Hubbard Rd., and back to regular routing.


Due to construction on Regent Street, bus 116 Kings Place will detour as follows: Brunswick St., St. John St., and Queen St starting May 31, 2021. 


Due to construction, the bus stop in front of City Hall will be closed until September. The alternate available bus stop is Lay By On at the corner of Carleton Street and Queen Street.


Due to planned road construction, there will be a transit detour starting May 10th. The runs affected are the 12NBrookside and 13S Prospect routes.

Phase 1 (for first 6 weeks : 13S Prospect will detour Wallace/Bloor/Legion/Maple. 12N Brookside will detour the same route in reverse.