Electronic Products Recycling

New Brunswickers are now able to responsibly recycle their old and unused electronic products while helping the environment at the same time. The Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA), a not-for-profit, industry led organization, has launched a new recycling program aimed at keeping end-of-life electronics out of New Brunswick landfills.

Read more about the program here.

What electronic products are accepted?

EPRA New Brunswick accepts and recycles a range of regulated electronic products including:

  • Display devices (such as televisions and monitors)
  • Desktop printers, computers and peripherals (such as keyboards)
  • Home theatre in a box (HTB) systems
  • Cellular devices
  • Non-cellular telephones
  • Audio and video systems

You can find more details on these recyclable products here.

Where can I recycle my electronics?

Drop off locations in the Fredericton area are:

  1. Best Metal Bottles
  2. Northside Redemption Center
  3. SouthSide Redemption
  4. Tri R Redemption

Click here for directions and hours of operation.