Garbage & Waste

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  • Please be advised that there will be no garbage and recycling pickup on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. If your regular scheduled pick up is Christmas Day, your waste and recycling will be picked up Saturday, December 26.  If your regular scheduled pick up is New Years Day, your waste and recycling will be picked up Saturday, January 2. Routine schedules may not occur, so please set out containers by 7 am.

Fredericton’s curbside garbage collection program provides convenient pick-up and disposal service of most household waste that is not recyclable.

Residential solid waste including garbage and garden waste are collected. Material NOT collected includes ashes, street rubbish, household furniture and furnishings, construction and demolition debris. For those who choose to not participate in backyard composting, organic household material can also be included in the garbage that is collected. Since batteries are composed of toxic materials, they should stay out of the waste and landfill stream. Rechargeable and single use batteries can be returned to several retail stores in the Fredericton Region and are accepted for drop-off at the Household Hazardous Waste depot.

Collection & Disposal 

Collection and disposal is coordinated by the Engineering & Operations Department. The department works with a contractor, selected through a tender process, to carry out the collection of residential solid waste. The contractor collects waste on a specific day for each of five defined areas of the City.

Waste collection services are provided for residential properties including single and double housing units, individual townhouse units, condominiums, apartment buildings with not more than four apartment units, and rooming houses with not more than nine roomers.

Waste is delivered to a landfill owned and operated by an independent authority, the Capital Region Service Commission, which manages the disposal under the auspices of the Clean Environment Act. The City of Fredericton appoints a representative to serve on the Commission's Board of Directors. Waste received is weighed by the Commission, which invoices the city for disposal on a tonnage basis.