Service Installation

New water and sewer services for homeowners and other buildings are installed by the Water & Sewer Division to ensure proper procedures are followed during and after the installation.

Customers pay for the work once it is completed. No deposit is required for a new residential water or sewer services installation. A site servicing plan is required with the building permit application. City staff review the site servicing plan to ensure it conforms to standards outlined in the City of Fredericton Municipal Specifications.

Water & Sewer Service Application Checklist

Water & Sewer Servicing Pre-Installation Checklist

Often, within a year or two of the installation of a service lateral, the service trench may settle. If this is the case, the owner should take care of the problem.

Further information about the water & sewer services application process, and how to schedule the work, can be found in the checklists in the left-hand column.

For general inquiries about the water and sewer service installation process, please contact the Water & Sewer Division through Service Fredericton.