Fat, Oil and Grease

The City of Fredericton’s Water & Sewer Utility operates a complex water distribution and wastewater system customers rely on daily to deliver clean, safe drinking water on demand and treat thousands of litres of wastewater.

Fats, oils and grease too often get into the system causing damage that is costly and inconvenient. You can help ensure the system functions as it should by following these tips when dealing with fats, oils or grease in your business:

  1. Properly maintain your CSA B481 approved grease trap equipment.
  2. Keep a maintenance log detailing repairs, pump-outs, and the condition of the interceptor. Use the City of Fredericton tracking sheet available on this webpage. 
  3. Report your Maintenance Log activities to the City of Fredericton during the first week of each month to neil.thomas@fredericton.ca or john.cormier@fredericton.ca
  4. Never put harmful chemicals or “biological” additives to grease traps or drain lines.
  5. Never put oil, melted lard or butter down any sink/drain. Instead, dispose of these oils in an appropriate container.
  6. Dry-wipe food waste from dishes before washing them and clean grease spills with disposable materials.
  7. All floor and sink drains must have debris screens. Empty screens into the trash regularly.

Thank you for your assistance.


About Fredericton’s Water & Sewer Utility

As per provincial legislation, the City of Fredericton’s Water and Sewer Utility is self-funded, deriving all its revenue from rates charged and government infrastructure grants. It is separate from the City of Fredericton’s general fund budget and property tax system.

The Utility provides water and sewer services to well over 95% of households and businesses within Fredericton, carrying out various maintenance and renewal efforts to keep the system operating smoothly. The Utility is currently focused on replacing aging pipes within the system.