Garden Creek Lagoon

The Garden Creek Lagoon serves almost 4,000 residents and 100 businesses in the City of Fredericton.  It accounts for 10% of the overall sewage treatment in the city.

Located in the southwest corner of the city, the lagoon draws wastewater from Lian / Valcour, Upper Hanwell Road, Rainsford Lane, Morning Gate / High Point Ridge, Silverwood, and Bishop Drive to the traffic circle. Click here to see the map.

The lagoon was first built in 1982, and was expanded in 2005 to increase its capacity and improve efficiency.

Wastewater flows into the facility and is treated using a variety of processes.  Clean and safe water is then released back into the Saint John River, as per provincial and federal regulations. 

Periodically, the sludge that accumulates in the lagoon from the treatment process must be removed to optimize the facility’s performance.

NOTE:  Only three things should go down your toilet – pee, poo, and paper. Items like personal wipes, etc., affect the lagoon’s aeration system and impact the overall performance of the lagoon.