Community Inclusion

The City of Fredericton established the Office of Community Inclusion (OCI) in 2021. Our mandate is to ensure that inclusion is a central focus of the municipality. We work to connect people and organizations so all citizens feel they have a voice in the future of their city. As we learn more about inclusion and how it can benefit those who live, work, or visit Fredericton, we will develop and implement policies and practices that protect all citizens from racism, discrimination, exclusion, and intolerance.

The City of Fredericton is a proud member of the Canadian Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities, a network of municipalities working together to build an open and inclusive society.

What we do

The OCI acts as a conduit between the city, its citizens, and other levels of government, undertaking a variety of equity-seeking initiatives, including:

  • Engaging the public through the Social Inclusion Committee, Youth Advisory Committee, and the Anti-racism Task Force
  • Supporting existing community projects that empower persons at risk of exclusion
  • Offering expertise to city staff and partners, ensuring inclusion, diversity, and equity are front of mind in all aspects of city operations
  • Gathering input from citizens to identify barriers to services or opportunities

Canadian Atlas of Social Inclusion

The Canadian Atlas of Social Inclusion (CASI) is an initiative spearheaded by the City of Fredericton to create a comprehensive map of Canada’s social inclusion ecosystem. Built using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, the Atlas will connect Canadian municipalities, coordinating their shared efforts and providing a repository of social inclusion data and resources.

View the Canadian Atlas of Social Inclusion

Our Impact

OCI’s partnership with Greater Fredericton Social Innovation (GFSI) is a model of how the Office’s role as a connection point between government and community groups strengthens the impact of both organizations, expanding their reach and broadening their diversity of perspectives and expertise.

Leveraging GFSI’s strong connection to our local universities, this partnership recruited students from the University of New Brunswick and Saint Thomas University to work alongside OCI on key projects, including the Canadian Atlas of Social Inclusion and Atlantic Canada’s first social inclusion symposium, hosted at St. Mary’s First Nation in March 2023.

Not only has this partnership furthered GFSI and OCI’s respective missions, but it has given students a valuable opportunity to express their perspective on the issues they are passionate about and help towards realizing change in their community.

OCI is eager to develop more partnerships like the one it has with GFSI. If your organization would like to participate in making our city more inclusive, please contact the Office of Community Inclusion to find out how you can get involved.

Our Growing Network of Partners


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