Mayor & Council

The City of Fredericton is governed by a City Council consisting of a mayor, nominated and elected at large, and 12 city councillors, nominated and elected by ward. The mayor and city councillors serve for a four-year term.

City Council is responsible for conducting the business of municipal government. This is done through a variety of meetings, including regular Council meetings, Council-in-Committee meetings, Standing Committee meetings, and other committee and board meetings.

A number of municipal bylaws are in place to govern the work of the City of Fredericton. The municipality also operates under the legislation of the Province of New Brunswick, including the Local Governance ActCommunity Planning ActOfficial Languages Act, and Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  

The City's budget is based on a calendar year. City Council approves an annual capital and operating budget for both the General Fund and the Water and Sewer Utility.

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The current City Council was elected on May 10, 2021. Due to the COVID lock down, however, election results were not announced until after 8 pm on May 25, 2021. The new City Council was sworn into office on June 14, 2021. As a result of changes related to local governance reform in New Brunswick, this Council will serve a five-year term, as opposed to the normal four-year term. The next municipal election in New Brunswick is scheduled for May 2026.

Deputy Mayor (Councillor, Ward 8 - Skyline Acres)
Councillor, Ward 9 (Bishop Drive/Odell Park)
Councillor, Ward 7 (Southwood Park/Lincoln)
Councillor, Ward 3 (Nashwaaksis North)
Councillor, Ward 5 (Marysville)
Councillor, Ward 10 (West Downtown & Plat/Sunshine Gardens)
Councillor, Ward 11 (East Downtown & Plat/UNB)
Councillor, Ward 12 (Silverwood/Garden Creek)
Councillor, Ward 6 (South Devon/Barker’s Point/Lower St. Mary’s)
Councillor, Ward 2 (McLeod/Brookside)
Councillor, Ward 4 (Main Street/North Devon)
Councillor, Ward 1 (Clements/Sunset)