Age-Friendly Community Advisory Committee


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The Age-Friendly Community Advisory Committee is dedicated to working towards the betterment of life for seniors in our community.

As a sub-committee of City Council, the committee is comprised of a cross-section of individual seniors, representatives of seniors groups, a city councillor, and relevant agency representatives.

This committee’s duties include:

  • advising Council, through its standing committees, on matters under consideration by city staff and council that could impact the quality of life of seniors in Fredericton
  • working with council through the Livable Community Committee and municipal departments by providing advice on the city’s policies, programs, and service delivery that affect seniors
  • encouraging and facilitating dialogue throughout the community regarding municipal matters that directly impact seniors
  • acting as a forum for feedback from seniors on municipal matters that directly impact their daily lives
  • taking guidance from the World Health Organization’s framework for age-friendly cities