Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)

View the December 13, 2023 at 7:00 pm: Reports & Package / Agenda

You can participate in the PAC meeting the following ways:

  1. Submit comments in support/opposition of an application to before 12:00 pm (noon) on the date of the meeting.
  2. Participate in the PAC meeting virtually by contacting before 4:00 pm on the date of the meeting, to receive instructions.
  3. Participate and/or attend the PAC meeting in person at 397 Queen Street at 7:00 pm on the date of the meeting.

Any responses made automatically become part of the public record and are therefore subject to viewing by anyone who so requests. As it is not unusual for applications to be withdrawn or deferred, please e-mail Community Planning or check the online agenda on the date of the meeting, to confirm that the application is still on the agenda.

PAC is an appointed Committee of Council and is comprised of three Councillors and six local citizens. The mandate of PAC is to perform necessary duties relating to community planning, as required by the Community Planning Act or City Council.

This committee’s duties include making recommendations to City Council on land use planning matters including Municipal Plan Amendments, rezoning of property, zone amendments, and subdivisions. In addition, the committee acts as the approving authority for the majority of significant variances.

To make an application, you must first meet with staff, complete the required application, and pay the appropriate fee. If interested, contact the Community Planning Division or watch our informational videos on the City's YouTube Channel.

Regular meetings of PAC are held on the third Wednesday of every month, except in December when the regular monthly meeting may be held on the second Wednesday. 

PAC Case Locations

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